Marketplace Seller's Portal Images do not save


Can anyone help me with a persisntent problem of uploading and saving images to the seller’s portal for product submission. I have images of correct size 1920x1080 below 1MB each and not exceeding 25MB size in total, named shot01, shot02 etc, without any special characters or spaces. All png format (I tried jpeg too). Images do upload successfully but after saving they disappear/appear broken.

Here some screenshots:

I can’t find any solution on the forums, if you had this problem maybe you know what is the problem?

Thank in advance

@Wonder-Volt This can sometimes happen if you are editing the page for too long. It’s a known issue that we have logged.

We recommend trying to create the listing again and if it takes more than a few minutes, copy your text into a doc before you attempt to save.

Thanks TJ V, I received email from marketplace support, and the reason was actually my browser, I am using Chrome with plugins and extensions, and I think one of them must’ve been blocking the images, all of them appeared in microsoft edge, so if anyone has issues as well, this might be something worth looking into.