Marketplace search and function packs.

I hope to release many small blueprint function libraries and material functions (and some large ones) at some point in the future. The problem is many are to small for individual release and would clutter the marketplace. They could be released as a pack, but the marketplace search doesn’t search through descriptions, rendering the contents invisible to those who need it except for those with either luck or determination.

So an implementation of description searching or custom tags would be super nice.

Also, does anybody have any requests for functions to be included?

Currently completed:

Texture divider (selects a portion of a texture and maps it across the entire uv space or a portion of it, to reduce texture calls)(also a more advanced crop fucntion)
Locator driven location based opacity
Simple IDmap color expander (small functions to easily get extra color channels from textures i.e. cyan, magenta, or 255,127,127)