Marketplace rules for FAIR advertizing - no clickbait or false previews

Hi can Epic/Marketplace admins please establish rules for FAIR advertising =

  1. Include Icon-category overlay (like Amazon does) on First picture (provided by Epic). E.g. ICONS get an ICON picture in top left corner. “UE5 ONLY” assets get a UE5 icon in the top right window. Make one for “UE4/5” also. Or “UE4.x ONLY” This is clear info that buyers need to know right away.

  2. For ICON, MUSIC, and VFX = make sellers put that actual text on their First picture!

  3. For mini description (which is shown with MouseOver) make sellers put the CATEGORY of the asset in some part of their phrase, in capitol letters = “256 Strong and Powerful Warrior Shields ICONS”


  • Sellers of ICONS keep showing false advertisement/clickbait to get views of their product = wastes my time & disappointment that they are not selling the 3D mesh.

  • (The First picture does not say ICONS or MUSIC (like music sellers do). And the Icons look 3D, high quality = tricks me to think they are 3D assets.)

  • This same seller also puts his MouseOver phrase as “256 Strong and Powerful Warrior Shields.” We dont find out until we click the page (waste time), that in his long description, now he admits it’s: “This pack contains 256 Shield icons…” So why didn’t he say ICONS in the MouseOver description??? Seems scammy like it was done on purpose.

  • I have been polite and when I see 3D icons I like, I ask the seller to sell the 3D asset… But I haven’t seen any for sale, and yet I keep seeing new false advertisements of ICONS that do not make clear in the preview that they are only icons.

  • This is also unfair because Epic/Sellers have timed sales. Thus time wasted = chance to miss a sale = lost money.

  • (Last sale had 84 pages of assets - took me 3 days to go thru because of all the false advertising and unclear First pics. I spent $300 in 3 days - so kindly listen to your customers - you could have gotten more sales.)

Please at least enforce suggestions 1-3 on sellers of Icons, Music, Sounds, and VFX. (The categories of BPs, Characters, meshes don’t really need an Icon overlay (except UE5/4 only versions) - since we can see what it is without deception.)

Part 2:

  • A lot of my time is also wasted on sellers of UE5 only content. Suggestion to encourage or make sellers of UE5 content make a copy for at least 4.27 - when they submit for review.


  1. Again time is wasted looking at UE5 only content (which we don’t know until click), when many must stay in 4.27.

  2. It’s not our fault that some PAID assets only work in UE4x and not UE5 yet. Thus don’t punish the customer by making it slow to find out that an asset is UE5 only (we cannot use).

  3. Exception: do not make sellers include a 4x version for certain tech that is only available in UE5. But make the seller clearly state that: This asset uses technology that is only available from Epic coding in UE5. (But don’t let them lie when a translation can be made.)

  • (Because other 4xers and I constantly ask UE5 sellers to make it in UE4 = wastes our time and delays your sales - because 90% of the time the seller says yes, or they will make the 4x version if there is “interest” - which means they can yet didn’t because you didn’t enforce it. UE4.27 is still a valid and official Engine on your Marketplace. Please enforce standards and don’t abandon 4x devs who have been working on projects.)

Thank you.