Marketplace Reviews and Archived Content. (Digital Marketplaces)

Hello fellow Enthusiasts and Developers!
My name’s Scott Brown and I’ve recently decided to create a website framework and thought I would reach out to the community to see if there would be any demand for it. I have no real motive other than to work on a project because I’ve currently found myself with spare time to do it if there’s enough demand.

I would be providing a large collection of tutorials, walkthroughs, mergers, and an archive of content with an emphasis on the unreal engine 4 (As it’s my engine of choice). I have a fairly large list of marketplace assets and plan to continue building on my collection of marketplace assets as I very much support and appreciate the work the developers do on here. My goal would be to get in contact with each owner of the marketplace assets and see if they’ll answer some questions, would like to show off some features of their content, and inform them of my intent to review their content. Lastly I would personally (As well as hiring a few people of choice) create a review of each bundle, a walk through teaching how they work, mergers teaching how to connect multiple bundles together, and an archive of each asset that’s within the bundle.

Archive - Contains a list of every asset used within the bundle and it’s functions
Review - Contains a review of each bundle and organizes it accounting the skill required to use it, quality, and versatility.
Walkthrough - Contains content explaining the functions and workings of the bundle
Mergers - Contains a video of how to merge each marketplace asset with each other and get them to function properly
Forum - Contains a compiled list of assets available for use in digital development with detailed information (Connection to archive, review, walkthrough, and mergers through their respective page) This forum is not meant for answering questions in a discussion format but rather promoting assets and comparing them to other assets.

Free assets will also be included in this list

AI Behaviour Toolkit
LowPoly Weapons Kit
River Toolkit
Procedural Road and Highway
Woodland Scanned Assets
HQ Modular Residential House
Abandon Manor
Furniture Pack
Modular Neighborhood Pack
Fantasy Dungeon
Sewers and Underground Modular Set
Castle Fortress
Highschool Class Room
Highschool Restroom
HQ Furniture Pack
Modular Mothership
VR Hands
Derelict Workshop
HQ Modern Furniture
Key Mini Pack
Advanced Materials ed1
Modern Furniture
Modular Scifi Hallway
Realistic Grass
European Furniture
The Bunker Pack
Modular Building Set
Urban City Pack
Steampunk Airship
20 PBR Nature Materials
Bumping Pub
Semi-Arid Desert Environment
Sculpted Rock Pack
Medieval Weapons
Survival Props
Procedural Nature Pack Vol.1
Horror Pack
Medieval Village
Post Apocalyptic World
Ragin Bear Street Props
Luos Modular Caves
Industrial Design Props
Nature Mega Pack
Apocalyptic props
Country Side Pack
Affordable Landscapes V1 2.0
Rock Pack Pro
Retro Game and Computer Mini Pack
Over 9000 Swords
Automatic Coral Pack
Landscape Auto Material (With Meshes)
Auto Landscape Material alpine
Auto Landscape Material Tropic Islands
Spline Enabled Fence
Spline: Ropes – Hoses – Sci-fi
Impromptu Procedural Stairs
Simple Wall Run
Realistic Blueprint Weapons
Traffic Lights Pack
Procedural Apartments
Ultra Dynamic Sky
Crazy Insane Door Pack
Dynamic Clocks
Dungeon Architect
Generic Shooter
Multiplayer Lobby System
Multiplayer Survival Game Template
Quality Game Settings
Talent (Skill) Tree Builder
Turn Based Tile Toolkit
Advanced First Person Character
Advanced Vehicle Kit
Action RPG Inventory System
Menus V1 Remix
Menus V2 Boogaloo Version
Ready Platforms
Instancing Tool
Lockpick Mini Pack
System Config
DENT Networked Destruction Environment
Advanced Cel Shader
Forest Animal Pack
Animal Pack Ultra

Let me know what you think or if you see any issues with that!