Marketplace Review YouTube Channel - Good idea or not?

After chatting with a group of other community members in the Unreal Slack Chat, I thought I’d put out some feelers and gauge interest in this idea.

Basically, the idea would be setting up a YouTube channel that was entirely dedicated to reviewing marketplace content, covering things such as how suited the content is to use vs. learning, overall quality, etc. No one would ever be expected to buy content just for the purpose of review, but those of us who do purchase it for one reason or another could upload a review that covered these things. YouTube channels can have up to 50 ‘managers’ that can all have access to uploading content and such, and up to 10 people can be invited each day, so it’s quite achievable, according to their documentation.

I’m more than happy to set it up and contribute my own reviews from time to time, and I feel like something like this, managed on a community wide level, could be INCREDIBLY beneficial to everyone given the current issues people are raising about the marketplace content, but I guess I want to know…

A) Do people think this would be useful in general?
B) Are people interested in contributing?

If both of these are yes in general… it’s pretty easy to get it going :slight_smile: So… lemme know what you think!