Marketplace Release Notes 12/17/15

Marketplace Hotfix Release 12/17/2015

New Features

  • Added infinite scroll functionality to categories pages
  • Added new top level category of “Recent Additions” that displays the new catalog items from the last 10 days
  • Updated catalog sorting to be based on “Featured” status and then “Effective Date” (descending order)
  • Added live sales reporting to seller profiles

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug on the Launcher marketplace that was preventing total rating count from displaying on items
  • Fixed a bug on comments section in Launcher that caused the edit field not to be pre-filled
  • Cleaned up back-end logging
  • Better handling for featured items in the back-end

order by price or popularity :stuck_out_tongue:

I sold a few units within 3 days of my package launching, but those are not listed in the sales data, just thought I;d mention it.

Woah, guys you rooock hard!
I did not expect this changes this early, but won’t complain - basically everything is fixed now :slight_smile:
Also these new colored tags are cool - very nice and welcomed addition!
Aand seller portal is puuure love of course!

Order by price and popularity is definitely next thing I want to see, but it could wait, current state is good and safe :smiley:

What happened to the Architecture Visualization Items? They seem to have disappeared.

Awesome work, and loving the new thread structure. Keep it up! =)

We are looking into this issue at this time. These items are still accessible on the Marketplace and can still be purchased. I will be reach back out to you guys once we have further information as soon as possible.

Hey Reuben, any insight into the issue Jamendxman3 was reporting? I recall accuracy being one of the reasons it took so long for the sales data to go live, are there still bugs there or can we rely 100% on this data?

Is there eny where something how i could post things to marketplace becose i havent seen eny posts or ways to send stuff to market place.
I’m a 3D modeler and i have done modeling know for 2 years so i think i could give something to the marketplace.
(Sorry if bad typing english is not my main language :smiley: )

Hey CommanderTvT! The marketplace tab at the top of the page, and the launcher both have a link titled “submit to marketplace”. Good luck with your submission. =)

Hey Jamendxman3,

Thank you for letting us know. I will relay this over to our online team to look into and make sure if it’s still the same issues we have encountered before.

My first month is unavailable too. I’m not interested in this information anyway, but it may be related to this issue

Hey, I think I found the best place for this.

First of all, my experience with the marketplace so far has been top notch. The platform is rock solid/no bugs, and staff have been professional and helpful.

I’d like to request a feature - purchasers leaving a content review are prompted for a comment. Possibly even the ability for sellers to reply to these and purchasers to change them.

I’m a seller and I take pride in my work, so when I got a low review the first thing I want to know is how I can improve the content, or how the purchasers expectations differ from what’s provided.

I’m a bit miffed because I teach people how to code my blueprint on youtube for free, so I don’t know what this person was expecting :slight_smile: . I also wonder if an initial low review will affect sales / ‘donations.’

Hey there,
I am looking for a feature to order the content in the marketplace by price, rating or number of downloads. And it would be really nice if you could add something like a whishlist, where you can add the items you are interested in look them up.

Can add filter for store list?
Just like filter by rate/price.