Marketplace Refunds | It Has Been 7 Days And No Response

I have sent an email to have two items on the marketplace to be refunded but I have not received a response in almost a week. I would not be posting here if it wasn’t taking so long for Unreal Support to respond and take action. I have only received the automated message about having a response within 24-48 hours but it has been 7 days. I have no intention of keeping marketplace items that are not even downloadable. Sigh*

Hey TheUnderNetwork! Sorry to hear you haven’t heard back. If the problem is not being able to download a pack, this is a known problem with the marketplace infrastructure itself and is not within the control of the marketplace content creator. Contact Stephanie via PM and she should be able to help you resolve this issue.

If you have any further issues or feedback for the marketplace, it’s best to post them in the Feedback or Marketplace forum for better exposure. =)