Marketplace really need auction house system.

Simply design a character that can be sold only once. And the price depend on highest bidder.

i mean unique character are not selling well in marketplace, since people lok for generic ones.

Also this method will attract 3d artist who loves making character too.

Interesting idea, it is kind of tricky especially when your character isn’t built on the original UE4 skeleton. Modular is a big deal now too and I get why it is but it does make it hard to sell when everyone expects every piece to be modular.

Shameless plug for my astronaut character!

I think this is what people are looking for in an asset they buy from the market place, generic stuff. When it comes to “custom/unique” stuff they either make it themselves to their specific needs, or hire an artist to make it for them.

when you feel lazy and need some additional character. We can have auction. Dont make mesh all by yourself.

why not ? I really wish to have some intresting mesh to buy. Without effort.

and the profit are godly.

we must have this.

I really doubt there are enough people here willing to pay the $3000+ per character that would be needed to make an auction profitable for the artist. This also provides no benefit whatsoever over hiring an artist to make exactly what you want.

We never know unless we try.

also if you think the model are too expensive. Dont bid it.

aution are place for valuable asset. Its a good system to safe time.

If people want to pay a premium for a unique character, they’ll commission it to their requirements. An auction house implementation is a waste of time.

An auction method does not need to be implemented in this marketplace, it could be implemented elsewhere. For me, that have been in touch with several stores and seen the quality of their assets, I would say it is too risky. I prefere comissioning with people I know are good at some job than risking bidding on someone’s job I don’t know the quality standards. Another advantage on comissioning is that you will only pay for a complete delivered asset, while with bid method Im not sure you will receive what you need (complete?) but surely you will pay for it.

get job are hard nowdays. also unreal market need to step up their market.

That wouldn’t work at all.

maybe make a section on e-bay for game assets and let the bidding happen there, or better yet just make a store or site of your own and let people do it there if you really think its worth doing

why, explain the detail.

If is someone I know, that has a background history of successful works, a great Artstation page where I can see his workflow, and still “maybe” I will get into an auction, because artists are not asset factories… they need inspiration, a goal, a reason to produce something… and of course being so well paid that they will keep working with commissioning :slight_smile: