Marketplace Question: Assets that resemble real life objects like cars, helicopters and planes

So I spent lots of hours to build a vehicle in ue4 so that I can sell it on MarketPlace
Little did I know, I might have broken some of the rules of markets place guidelines.
Judge Yourself :frowning:
Yes, I created a Lamborgini Aventador and Rigged it and imported in Engine and made it drivable.
I have not used Lamborghini Logo anywhere except at the back!
Now my question is Lamborghini is Vehicle Manufacturer and I think Lambo being Iconic in design, do we really have to take permission from Lamborghini to sell my marketplace content.
I mean people do sell models of Lambo and other cars on 3d models related website and also some website sell render and even real life stills of Lambo so do they take permission from Lamborghini to do so.
Oh man, I have done much work that I don’t want it to go waste.

Also to be clear, I haven’t submitted the content on marketplace or review due to “obvious” reasons.
But please I would appreciate if someone can clarify the guidelines of how much can we copy from real life and sell it on UE4.

We can sell guns right, like AK 47 and stuff, also M1 Tanks, I have seen Military Hummers too. So arent these stuff crossing copyright or CC guidelines? Just saying

Yes, you need permission.
You know, somewhere into these cars, these manufactures place a signature plate stating “-handcrafted by (name of designer here)” specifically because law tell them they must credit the person who created the design of this car.

If the manufacturers themselves have to credit (and pay) the designer for the car design, why would you be allowed to make money out of it for free? :confused:

The whole content on Marketplace is being reviewed by the Marketplace team. It is a huge task that will take a while. This task is being conducted to enforce the guidelines and fix any flaw during previous reviewing process.

The sticky post above pretty much discussed it:…tected-content

There was also a stream that you can watch in UE4 channel about the matter.

As for the statements above in your post, and according with the guidelines, your asset would be reject for the following reasons:

  • use of an unauthorized Logo
  • use of an model known to belong to another Intellectual Property owner

The only way to avoid the rejection would submit along if your package a document properly signed from Lamborgini authorizing you not only to use their Logo and that specific model (it could be authorizing all models aswel), but also granting that your work (asset in the case) can be sold and that same authorization would be transferred automatically to anyone which purchase your product (asset in your case).

Such authorization is hard to obtain, because while you can sign a compromise with Lamborgini granting you would not use their image (logo and models) in a way that would diminish their brand in any way, they would not have the same compromise from others who would purchase your product, meaning they would be at risk.

In the case you are not able to get such authorization, you will be asked to remove the Logo and change the model appearance to make it diffent in such a way, no one can point a finger and say that such model without a doubt is a Lamborgini.

I hope my comments and the posts above would clarify this. @Unreal_Josh and @WellActually can provide further information if they think the above are misguiding in some way.

PS: not only the details outside, but inside vehicle too.

@NilsonLima [USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER] Thank you very much, I am little sad, but now that I have a much better understanding of what can be posted on UE4 MarketPlace, this will save me from wasting my time. Thank you very much for clearing the waters regarding IP and CC