Marketplace purchases

weeks ago I purchased 373 USD 552 AUD which is on my paypal account 1 AUD to 0.6762 USD why is it that high USD to AUD with EPIC marketplace but on all the other exchange rates only tells me 1 USD = 1.4292 ?

When you pay USD over Paypal and that is not your home currency, Paypal uses a 3rd party to do the currency exchange and that adds a cost to the transaction which is out of Epic’s hands, since it is Paypal’s responsability.

Please email [EMAIL=“”] to open a support ticket if you have any questions about a specific transaction.

Thankyou all.

Those two exchange rates are fairly similar; 1:1.43 versus 1:1.48. It’s not really out of bounds even for daily exchange rate fluctuations.

Thankyou, im not going to worry about it anymore, still I think everything I purchase is excellent value, when I eventually finish purchasing everything I be very busy bee until the next millennium, awesome, I thing I am very successful.