Marketplace purchase wont stop syncing

Hi I bought the Zombie1 Model + Animation pack and it has been syncing for the past 2 hours, how do I fix this, thanks

Have you tried restarting the launcher?

Hi, thanks for the reply, yes i have tried this numerous times and even restarted my pc a few times too

it has synced for versions 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7 but wont sync for versions 4.8 and 4.9

I’ve seen a few reports like this recently on Answerhub. You may want to post your syncing issue and the pack it’s associated with there, so they can clear it up for you. =) Here’s a link.

Hello GMW! Can you email us your info at We’ll get this fixed for you.

Hi GMW, took a look at this pack just now and see the same issue on our end. Sorry for the difficulties. We will look into re-updating this pack on the Marketplace. This should resolve the syncing issue that is occurring. Will keep you guys posted once this pack is available to download once more.

Hi guys thank you for your feedback:

@ : I emailed my details to I hope to be in touch.

@: Thank you I really hope this will solve my issue, I will be sure to be in touch whether this has fixed the problem, thank you for your help

Thanks guys I really appreciate it!

Hi guys, wanted to let you know that Zombie1 Model + Animation pack is downloading properly. Please let us know if you are having further issues at or in the Marketplace tab at