Marketplace purchase plus motherboard not a Fatherboard

I have purchased 3 assets from the marketplace, a Conifer Forest collection, a Ocean simulator and a Wetland landscape all came to 373 USD im going to have a ball with those, I just didn’t have enough for Brushify.IO and that Science Lab one, well that can come latter down the track, also I successfully purchased a X399 Designaire Motherboard as well otherwise I would have purchased 5 more assets but I made my sacrifice and decided on a $619 mother board as well, now I be able to go 128 gigs 3200 MHz DDR4 Rams as well as GPU RTX in SLI and up to a 32 core AMD TR4 CPU well the way UE4 is going we will all eventuly need it one day, also I still own my MSI GTX 1080TI direct X 11 or 12 forgotten im proud.

Are you asking a question?

Sweet flex bro, we’re all jelly of your Rams and the up to a 32 core AMD TR4 CPU.

The hell is a Fatherboard?! Bloody patriarchy!

We proud, too, son.