Marketplace Pricing US vs UK

When i first paid the subscription price of $19 my bill was around £12 - £13 because of the (at that time) current exchange rate, and also when the Marketplace first started, all the prices were in Dollars for us Brits and when my bills came for the assets i bought, they to were roughly at the exchange rate.
But then as the Marketplace grew, the prices changed to being in pounds for us British users.

But one day after the change i see someone saying ‘this asset is worth 5 bucks’ about an asset i was looking at, and that asset was selling for £5 pounds, of which made me wonder how it wasn’t cheaper if the US price was $5.

At the time i did try and see the American prices of the assets compared to the UK, but found every time i tried viewing the Marketplace online, the prices would only show in pounds.
But recently i clicked on the Marketplace links under some assets video’s i was looking at and found i could see the actual US prices now.
And this is what i have found…

As you can see on an asset around $70, it costs £61 to UK users,
where as if you go by the current exchange rate it should cost around £51, of which means a £10 difference to the exchange rate.

As i said earlier ,Originally the price difference seemed to be only the exchange rate, and is why we Brits get some odd prices instead of £10.99 for example.

Please can someone tell me if Brits are paying some sort of Tax that we didn’t use to pay in the earlier times of the Market place ?.
Of course i am not going to stop buying from the Market place, and i thank EPIC for all the great free assets we lucky people get, let alone making the UE4 free and giving the Sub i paid back.

But of course i wonder why the price difference and would like to know why.

Might as well just go and blame it all on brexit.
How long until people can expect to hear that? :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously I reported the issue recently already.
But good luck getting any reply / follow up tho.
As Epic almost never reply on here anymore! :mad:

Hi, thanks for your reply. well at least it’s nice to know someone else has already noticed the difference in prices.
Surely it can’t be any kind of import tax on just a download, also if it was then why was it not added when the prices were in Dollars. Are we paying extra for the prices to be shown in pounds ? :).


The price difference you are seeing is because of the VAT taxes for your country. You can find some more information about this here:

Thanks for your Reply. I clicked the link but it say’s ‘i am not Authorised to view that page’. Looks like i need the Silver/Gold/Platinum membership to go through that door. So i will have to take your word for it that it’s to do with V.A.T ‘Whatever that mythical thing you speak of is’ :). But seriously i then now/still don’t understand why we were not charged V.A.T before, but now are ?. and it can’t be because of Brexit as the price change happened long before.
Also us British being America’s cousins (as Brits call Americans) we Brits should be if anything getting the Family Discount :slight_smile:

Looks like TJ posted a Creators Hub Link. These are only accessible to us Marketplace Sellers.

Any chance you could copy over the relevant paragraphs here?
In case Epic are too busy, or don’t notice the followup. Cheers :slight_smile: