Marketplace Plugin Wishlist

It’s not much, but I am seriously hoping for a way to save items that I found on the marketplace that I currently cannot purchase into some sort of wishlist. There are a lot of expensive pieces of content on the market and that’s fair, there are plenty out there have had lots of time and effort put into them. But for people who do buy from the marketplace with their own cash, yet have to be mindful their purchases, would a system that keeps a track of possible plugins you might want to buy be useful? What if two plugins came out, similar prices, and you needed to find reviews from those who have bought the plugin. You need to keep track of these two plugins, so a save/ wishlist feature would be good for such circumstances. I know some use the cart as a way to save possible purchases, but what if they accidentally buy a plugin they didn’t want and forgot to remove from the cart?

So yeah, could a save/ wishlist feature be added for the Epic Games marketplace?

Nice idea. I agree with it!