Marketplace packaging misunderstanding.

Hi everyone!

Could anybody help me with explanation. I’ve created an asset where user could create in BP menu options through the console commands binding.

My asset is a collection of C ++ classes and blueprints. When creating, I started with the FPS shooter template project.
Then I packed everything into a zip archive and posted it on dropbox.

The first time I got this answer:

"- Project was missing modules and could not open. Your project files must be accessible so we can open the project and start the review process. If you would like to create a new product page for these assets with a .uproject that is accessible and does not require modules to open, please resubmit them and we will be glad to review it."

Perhaps due to the fact that I placed the link into dropbox and I’m not sure if it was accessible. OK.

The second time I checked the links through a couple of guys and now I got this answer:

"- The submission is missing modules and does not open. Please make sure the modules are removed so we can access the project and review it."

  1. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to take a blank project to package my asset? Maybe this is the problem?

  2. Could I have an ability to edit project info after declining or it is always necessary to add new project page?

  3. Could I migrate map from FPS template for the demo purposes?

THNX in advance.

It almost sounds like you may have some plug-ins enabled in your project. Make sure you disable all bought plugins so there are no dependencies.

Thank you for reply.
​​​​​I’ll try to find the solution.