Marketplace notification for updated assets

As a person who owns a lot of marketplace packs, how am I supposed to know, when there was some change to one of my owned packs? Many marketplace creators tend to extend their packs . Asset update notification or atleast version number must be available.

While i agree with you, it should be optional to whether to receive notifications, since someone can own hundreds of assets. (And they should be turned off by default)

On each content’s page, there should be a little “menu” button that opens up a context menu that has these options:

Receive notifications for:
• New Updates
• New Comments
• New Reviews (that is only if we have a big update on how people rate content… It should be them rating and giving a description on what they think, rather than anonymously rating without explaining why… But in general i think content reviewing should be much more advanced than just giving a rate number)
• Discounts (if you don’t already own the asset)

But where will you receive these notifications?

The easiest would be your email… That is the least they can do for now.

Thanks for the feedback. The next big update we plan to make for the Marketplace site will be an overhaul of the comment and ratings system. This will allow for notifications for when comments and ratings are made. We have more types of notifications planned that are in our backlog, including letting buyers know when creators make updates, but that won’t be included in the next update.

@Skylonxe right now what you can do is look at your vault and packs that have been updated will have “Update” listed next to them.

Thanks again,

Thank your for reply, looking forward to new features!