Marketplace Licensing Question

Hello All.

I had a brief email exchange with a content provider on the marketplace and one issue came up that I was hoping to get an answer to. From what I am told, people that purchase marketplace content cannot include the purchased content in derivative works, such as levels. I’m looking to get some levels made and thought as an alternative to work developed with Maya/Max/World Machine type tools, it would be possible to use some of (or in conjunction with) the tools on the marketplace to get the job done.

I’m happy to purchase a license for a tool and let the level designer use it to build my levels. How is the licensing controlled then?

When I purchase a tool, unroll it on my machine, test with it, then find a designer how do I pass the license on to them? How do I reclaim the license when they’re done?

Thank you.

EDIT [2015.11.22-05:01]:
No sooner after posting the above I opened up the new launcher and saw Licensing information displayed:

	You also may Distribute Content to an Engine Licensee who is your employee or your
	contractor regardless of whether they have rights under their license to the same Content, but
	only to permit that Engine Licensee to utilize that Content in good faith to develop a Product
	on your behalf for Distribution by you under the License, and not for the purpose of Content
	pooling or any other Distribution or sublicensing of Content that is not permitted under this
	Agreement. Recipients of such a Distribution have a limited license to use, reproduce, display,
	perform, and modify that Content to develop your Product as outlined above, and for no other

Marketplace FAQ

Also, derivative work in the context of Marketplace does not mean you can’t modify it or import in other software, rather than you can’t modify it and then sell as a part of content pack of your own and etc.

Marketplace FAQ

Thank you zeOrb.

How is content transferred? After I purchase it, download it, and using the simplest case do I zip it up and send it off to the contractor?

Some assumptions can probably be made given that these tools work within the UE environment, the contractor should have their own Epic account, and so by extension would already be binded by the same licensing terms and restrictions. In other words, I don’t want to get stiffed by some rogue contractor that doesn’t abide by the licensing requirements by doing something they shouldn’t do with content that I provided them. Are we held liable for their actions?