Marketplace Launcher Bug - Can't Update Plugins

It seems it’s not possible to install updates to plugins bought from the Marketplace that have already been installed. There’s no option to remove the installed plugin or to download and install the update.

For example; I have “Instance Tool” installed, the author has just released an update to fix a bug I reported. The launcher highlighted the plugin to show an update is available but all that happens when I click on the button (that says “Install to Engine”) is a message that says “You cannot install this plugin as it is already installed to all compatible engines”

I’ve tried deleting the plugin from the engine/plugins/marketplace folder and restarting the launcher. Same message.

How do we update plugins we’ve bought?


Click on Library and after click on Istalled Plugins under the Launch button and removeplug.JPG

Hi @MajorFailure, the current plugin update process from Marketplace could be confusing, so I make some screencaps of to remove and re-install plugin manually:

  1. Go to Library tab, under the engine version, click “Installed Plugins” text link.


  1. A list of installed plugin will pop up. If there’s update of plugin, you can see “Update” button (iirc). You can simply click “Update” button, and ignore all I worte below :slight_smile:


  1. But if you somehow don’t see the “Update” button or simply want to remove and re-install, then you can click “Remove” button, but the catch here is you can’t remove plugin while Unreal Editor is opened


  1. After closing Unreal Editor, you can remove the plugin


  1. Then go to Vault, click “Install to Engine” button under the name of the plugin. (Or you can go to the marketplace product page, there’s also “Install to Engine” button")


  1. Choose engine version


  1. You’ll see it’s beeing installing


Thanks a lot @Nate & @Axxi, I obviously couldn’t see the wood for the trees!

It would be nice if updating plugins worked in the same way as other assets. I asked on Discord about this and a couple of helpful people offered suggestions but all missed this.

Thanks again.