Marketplace launch & fees?

Hi there

I am part of a small studio looking to develop content for the UE4 Marketplace, and I have a few questions:

  • What is the approximate launch window for the Marketplace?

  • What fees are associated with distributing assets?

  • Will it be possible to update content once it has been launched?

  • Will it be possible to link packages together as special offers?

  • What are your opinions on devs using the Marketplace to sell games like Steam?

Thank you.

We don’t have a definite launch date for Marketplace as the buying/selling functionality is still in development. It’s at least several months away.

We haven’t decided on the cost structure.

We’ll definitely support updating assets after they’ve been initially posted, as well as a mechanism for denoting compatibility between assets and engine versions.

The Marketplace feature set will start out small and grow over time.

Marketplace will be aimed purely at developers. You’ll be able to distribute sample games, templates, or even entire games through it but the purpose of doing so would be to sell these things to other developers for use in their own projects, rather than distributing them to gamers like on Steam.

We welcome all suggestions on Marketplace and plan for it to evolve over time on response to community feedback.

Thank you for the rapid reply.

I expect that it’ll work similar to the Unity asset store, but I would like to see:

  • An improved ratings system where aspects like performance & ease of use are rated.
  • Adding a Tag feature would also help people find what they need.

I’ll let you know if I have any further suggestions.

Thank you Tim for this awesome engine and being so great at incorporating user feedback!