Marketplace lacks EPIC music themes

There is a wide variety of music on the marketplace, but it lacks epic themes. For example what i mean EdRecords - Portfolio | AudioJungle

Would love to buy some epic music.

Hey unit23,

While I cannot guarantee we have exactly what you are looking for, have you had a chance to check out our music section? We have quite a few talented composers who have some fantastic audio options available, you can check them out here.

Thanks Adam, but i literally listened to every single audio on the market, and i either own related themes (Chibola), or the music is not exactly what i am looking for. Listen to above epic links, nothing like that on the market yet. Cheers.

The thing about music, and audio in general is that it is agnostic across all platforms. I wouldnt really be looking on the marketplace for specific types of sounds at all, I would look into actual sound banks dedicated to audio.

if you need your music and ambiances right now, I would recommend They will have what you’re looking for. Some of their composers are geniuses. Don’t understand why they’re not putting their content on Game engines’ marketplaces. UE4 Marketplace people should go check it out and tell the one they think are talented enough to go join the marketplace.

Thanks, did not knew that site yet. However, the license for a roughly 2-3 minutes song is about $199 (if you sell more than 1000 copies), and does not include soft licensing (videos with that music uploaded to YouTube by gamers), which you have to consider to improve fan made advertising through Let’s Play and such. And the songs I listened to are all kind of generic to be honest.

Maybe you need to dig deeper. I know that for sure, when we were creating our sci fi mobile video game, we used their website and found really a good amount of great music and ambiances for epic battle and action moment. I think there is an artist, Chris Haigh, Zambito, Francesco D’Andrea who create some great stuff, though it might maybe be more related to action movies and war movies. Not sure if you have listened to some of their art yet. Regarding the licensing, yo ucan pay for the least one, and upgrade once you hit the thresholds. Having more than 1000 people paying for your game should allow yo uto reinvest a little bit in the game. I think the lowest price license covers the trailer and stuff like that