Marketplace items not compatible with the 4.9.1 platform release!!!

This is a big issue for me as the majority of marketplace items I have purchased cannot be used in the new 4.9 release. Why? Is there anything I can do about it?

Hello! It’s the sellers’ responsibility to update their content to be compatible with new versions, and we’re testing and publishing updates as fast as we receive them. Since we have nearly 500 packs on the Marketplace currently and not everyone updates it on the first day, it’ll take a little while to get everything updated. I’m sending out an email to all sellers to remind them to update their content ASAP. The best thing you can do is to is send an email to the sellers whose content isn’t updated yet and request that they update it for 4.9 compatibility. You can find their email address on the Technical Details page of any item on the Marketplace.

Which specific content were you having issues with? I can tell you if we have updates in hand for them already.

For me all assets (owning over 30 already :S) have loaded good into 4.9(.1). Only splines have had node to change to new one, but seems like the old nodes work too (just give outdated message when compiling). You can add outdate assets to 4.9 projects just by “Show all project” and select 4.8 (or older) when adding the asset to the project.