Marketplace Items - 4.9

I’ve started my Unreal Editor adventure on 4.8.3 so this is my first upgrade. About how long does it usually take for content to be upgraded? Couple of weeks? Thanks…

  • teak

It depends on the individual content creator. We allow 45 days at maximum to update content, but strongly encourage them to do it as quickly as possible after release. Since 4.9 was released this week, we’ve already had a surprisingly large number of content updates ensuring 4.9 compatibility come in, and the team is currently testing and publishing them as we get them. As of right now, we have 22 updates in hand, which is the fastest we’ve ever gotten them in. Hooray!

We do reach out individually to everyone that needs to update their content and enforce the updates, but something everyone here can do to speed it up even more is to email the content creator directly to politely request the update. :slight_smile: