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Welcome to the Marketplace forum! We aim to make this place beneficial for developers and content creators alike, so we have set up a few guidelines in order to keep the content here relevant, valuable, and easily digestible. As the Marketplace is still in the process of evolving into the resource we all want it to be, we know things may not always go as expected. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the case of any issues you have, so we can give it our immediate attention. Thanks for hanging in there while we iron out the wrinkles in these early stages.

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Posting Guidelines
Promoting Work: Only post items that are already available on the Marketplace. Work-in-progress items need to belong in The Work In Progress Forum until they’re readily available for purchase.
Requesting Content: Preface all Marketplace Requests with “[REQUEST]” to make it easier to spot for potential new offerings.
Feedback: Preface all Marketplace Feedback with “[FEEDBACK]” so we can find it quickly.
General: All the other rules of online professionalism apply here. Let’s keep the discussions positive, constructive, and respectful.

Thanks all!

EDIT: This info has been moved here:

Awesome! Let’s move the other marketplace post in here :slight_smile:

I need some clarification on that.
1 texture tile. What does it mean ? 256px/1m 512px/1m 1024px/1m ?

where did the MarketPlace Brainstorming thread went???

When you import a texture and plug it into a material without scaling, it will automatically tile over 1m regardless of the texture resolution. So, in the simple case, you don’t need to do any special scaling. As you create more advanced materials with various kinds of UV scaling, then the situation becomes more complex.

This is very exciting!

I see there is already a few submissions on Trello!

Dusting off some assets of my own to get them marketplace ready!

It’s back now - I had to migrate it back to leave the redirect in it’s original location :slight_smile:

In the marketplace section now, here it is:

Awesome, Tom!

When/Where can we get that? Do you mean the skeleton used by e.g. the third person template? Because our animator has already complained about the bone structure of it (e.g. the shoulder bones being unreasonably high). Will you maybe use the UT3 rig?


Lightmap UV restriction may be a little problematic unless Epic enforces to post a screenshot of the lightmap UV or check every uploaded asset themselves there is no way to guarantee that the asset has proper UV layout. One can just use the editor’s UV generator and claim to have created a lightmap UV.

In any case, i cant wait to see what people start publishing there!

I heard on the Stream that PayPal is currently not supported, If so when can we expect this support?

So one thing to keep in mind that it’s just the hierarchy that needs to be the same, not the actual physical layout of the bones. So the naming and parentage needs to be the same, but they can be proportioned differently.

At least, I think that’s the case.

Yeah, hierarchy and bone names need to be the same. Retargeting will handle size and proportion differences when you want to use the same animation between different characters.

“For every item sold, developers receive 70% of the base price of the item minus any country-specific withholding taxes collected and remitted by Epic”.
Well, really? Then, I still have to pay for the money transfer taxes as well? Really? And Epic can still use whatever I sell it there for their marketing purposes, without paying me for that? Really?

Greed… is the only word that comes into my mind right now.

If Epic wants 30%, at least it should pay half of the taxes as well.

Also this:
“Items sold once are licensed to a buyer (an individual or company) for lifetime use in building and shipping an unlimited number of products, and the buyer may share the items with the buyer’s employees and contractors for the sole purpose of contributing to those products.”

For lifetime use in building and shipping an unlimited number of products? Come on!

And, why not pay as using our Paypal account?

Good news!

    My questions are about versión compability:

     What about if i already purchased content lets say on the 4.4 version, some time later i need it working on the new version  does developer will have to update his content and make it avaible for every new version? do i have to pay for the new version update? it will be a developer decision or ue4 rules?
    (I think this question are key for content developers and clients)

Well you can sell your items by using other marketplace or maybe create your own, i think their rules are fair for the moment.

Their rules can be fair, but the REVENUE SPLIT is not. I would consider if were 80%.
And I am really thinking about this, using another or create my own marketplace, since I already did it before.

Will management and analytic tools be available to sellers when the Marketplace launches? For example, will I be able to track my portfolio of items available on the marketplace, earnings, payout history, etc.?

There’s a question: I’m programmer and i’m not bad in reverse engineering. Will it be allowed in the Marketplace to sell code(plugin) which is reverse engineered? Is reverse engineering a shame inside of UE4 community? :slight_smile: