Marketplace handling

hey guys,
I would like to write a word or two about my little “problems” with the marketplace.
Exactly two months ago some of my work got released at the marketplace, from my understanding after 30 days i should receive a kind of sales report and after 45 days the payment, is that right?

After a time period of around two months, all i got is a sales report for only 11 days, thats all. I’m really not a fussy person and this isn’t even about the money but at least i would like to know hom much “units” i sold in the
whole time peroid. I also understand that we had christmas, next year etc… but come on at least a correct sales report not only for the first 11 days.

Would be nice to get an answer…


I’ve been trying to get in contact with them for the longest regarding this. On on hand I hear people say that the sales reports are included with the payment, which only goes out should you exceed $100 in revenue owed to you for a particular month. On the other hand I remember seeing a developer say that there are monthly reports. So I figured like you that we would have gotten some sales report for December. (Mine launched around the middle of Dec). I’ve tried to contact the 3 times over the course of a month. I asked Chance Ivey to help me and Friday he forwarded my emails to them again. So hopefully this time around I hear back. With any luck the marketplace dashboard will be done soon so we won’t have to go through this. I never had to go through all of this to get sales from apple. And like you it isn’t about the money, but assessing interest as follow up packs are largely dependent on how many units of the first pack were sold. Don’t want to spend 2 months working on another pack in a series that may have gotten only 5 sales for example. Give Chance a shout though. He’s been super helpful to me with this.

So i’m not the only one struggleing to get some usuable informatons…

Thats the point, i also like to know if it makes sense to bring more content to the marketplace but until i didn’t see how the “old” sales are going i’m not really interesed in pushing more or new content to the marketplace.
It’s just weird getting a sales report for 11 days when the content is up for 2 months. I simply don’t see the problem to send a up to date sales report instead of a short report.

Hey guys,

I wanted to hop on and let you know that we’re investigating what happened in both of your cases. I’ll answer what I can here, and reach out to both of you individually for more details.

@Adik - You get a sales report with each payment. However, You’ll be paid monthly within 45 days following the end of any month where the cumulative payment due to you is at least $100. This time overlap can lead to some confusion, but we’ll investigate and get back to you with exact info.

@SE_JonF - Chance forwarded me your emails and we’ll reach out to you asap. I’m investigating what happened there as we’ve received and responded to many other emails sent to [EMAIL=“”] but for some reason yours were missed. We were closed for the holidays, but we have since caught up on any open emails we’re aware of. My sincere apologies for the delay in response.

For anyone else out there who is not getting a response from us - if you ever find a delay of more than 1 week with no reply, please email [EMAIL=“”] or email me directly at [EMAIL=“”]

Hey Deke,

Very glad to see you guys received the emails now, and big thanks to Chance. Looking forward to hearing back from you. =)


just following up myself here; As Deke already mentioned, you will get the payment as well as the sales report latest 45 days after a months end. So the report for december should be arriving in around 2-3 weeks then (end of december + ~45 days).

It was the same for me, my asset was live on 26th of November, and just around 1 week ago i got the sales report for the november period.

The only thing is that i would also love to get the sales report a bit more in advance. Not talking about daily stuff here, but i.e. one week after months end would be really nice.