Marketplace feedback - Where to submit?

Not sure where I should be posting feedback or questions regarding the marketplace.

I originally posted this in the UE4 forum, but I have also posted it in the UT forums:

Marketplace - Feature requests - Gifting, in-app purchases and subscription

How I see the marketplace - This post has how I think the marketplace will end up being.
[CLARIFICATION] Epic Marketplace to become like Valve Steam store?

I have just been having a bit of look through the marketplace and have some constructive feedback, but I do not know where the correct place to post it is as it is not UT or UE4 specific.

A feedback forum for the marketplace itself does not seem to exist, so I asked for it in the UE4 forum:

Marketplace needs its own top level forum


[UPDATE1]: Added links as I didn’t know logging in submitted post straight away. First time using answer hub.

Hey larenut -

Thank you for your feedback and I will pass it along.

Eric Ketchum