So the marketplace is getting pretty big now and I’m personally finding it harder to keep track of items I’d like to purchase either once I have the money or when they go on sale. Can we get some sort of wishlist feature that allows you to add an item to your wishlist so you don’t lose it and forget about it later. Will make it so much easier to remember which items I want and help to bump a purchase from me when they go on sale. As it is at the moment, I pretty much miss every sale on items I want as I just don’t know they are on sale until it is too late. Something like the wishlist in Steam would be perfect.

Hey @wilberolive, I thought I’d chime in to let you know this in on the to-do list for the marketplace already. I passed along the message though to let them know this is in high demand.

And email notifications when item from wishlist on sale, same as steam do.

:o Pass it along again. Tell them its in REALLY high demand!! :slight_smile: