Marketplace drafts not saved?

I spent a couple of hours composing a marketplace submission and I clicked “save” and waited for the page to refresh, which it did. But I went back to my seller’s page the next day, the draft was gone. What happened? Are draft copies that have not been submitted not saved?

I’m having a similar problem.
I forgot to save the changes and i directly pressed submit for approval, but my seller page says i have no pending approval.
So i tried to redo all but when i click save changes i got a message error wich says “Product save failed”.
Know i would like to know if my submission was sent or no.

I solved the problem, it was related to the way I named my images, because there were letters like ō.

Dang, I am glad I saw this thread!! I literally just ran into this problem…xD

Help! Still not working the drafts cant get saved! I spent hours trying to create a great thumbnail and thinking what i can put in desc, but when i did it, it was a waste of time!!!

i tried over 5 times now, it still wont save

eh, wtf, spend half a day composing screenshots and typing all that text and now everything is gone after clicking ‘save changes’ couple of times and ‘submit’, no draft no pending, no nothing…