Marketplace Download Error/Suggestion


C: Drive is main Drive, it’s SSD, 64GB with Windows.

D: Drive is main Storage drive, Games, Etc, Big Files.

UE4 is on D: & Installed there.

Marketplace downloads, default to C/Users/You/Unreal Projects

From what I gathered, you cannot change this. You can MOVE projects with ease. But you cannot change the default download path via Marketplace (Least I have yet to find).

There my problem lies. Low space on C:, and I cannot download the Shooter / Other ones that are Gb’s in size as C is almost full, but D has plenty of room.

Any help?

Also thank you devs/Epic! Never made a game in my life, took it upon myself to spend $20, learn, tinker. Already done with the basic house tutorial :slight_smile:

make a symlink

Point being, I shouldn’t have too for something so new…