Marketplace Down?

Any category I select in the marketplace results in “No Content Found”. Is the marketplace down? If not, how do I get access to the Marketplace Categories? For example, clicking “Materials” results in “No content found”.

same problem here im annoyed

Yeah, it looks like the marketplace is down for the time being.

I want to spend some money :slight_smile:

And we want you to spend money :stuck_out_tongue:

Can confirm marketplace is down, tried to view my products today, and got worried when it said nothing was found.

Same hare, also my Vault in the launcher is empty.

Hmmm, direct links to the products do actually still work…seems like the whole index is down, but the content is there

And in My Seller profile under My Products section it says “No product record found”

i think market place is down again, as I cant buy anything. Doh :frowning:

Perhaps one of the staff members have some idea what is happening. @Reubitron @Smarkoff

Thanks for this information! :smiley:

I’m not sure if is only my issue, but the problem is not only related to the On Sale items, but every item in marketplace. And my vault section throw me a 500 server error.

The problem is that none of the categories are working at the moment. If you click on them nothing is found.Both on marketplace website and in the launcher. Direct links to the products are working.

What to do? this is my first time buying/downloading anything from the marketplace. Since i’ve used money on this i’d really like to know if this is an issue you’ll fix? thanks.

Its being looked at by the entire team at the moment, but due to the holiday today its all away-from-office work so it might take a bit longer.
As Ryan said though, anything that is on sale will get an additional day to make up for any losses.

So… in other words, please be patient :slight_smile:

[utl=!-Vault-empty!-I-want-a-refund-of-everything]I already spent a bunch of money, and can’t use it

All sections are 500 on the web, and the vault is empty in the launcher.
The one free day I actually have to enjoy this stuff…

Thanks for this information! :smiley:

Hi Guys,

I did post this in the sticky but I wanted to let you guys know here as well, we did receive the all clear on a fix for this. So please go ahead, log out and restart your launchers and make sure everything looks in order. If you find that there’s still issues or something looks off, please contact us at:

Again we do apologize for the inconvenience here, please let us know if you have any other questions.



Hey guys,

Just wanted to inform you all that the Survival sales week is live and we have extended the last week of the Marketplace Summer Sale to September 13th and will cutoff at 9:00am EST. I am sorry for the inconvenience yesterday and hope everyone hops on all these great sales going on this week! If you have any questions, please tag @Reubitron or send me a PM here on the forums.