Marketplace conversion to UE5 of Action RPG Multiplayer Starter Template

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I have just converted this project from 4.26 to UE5 EA it work well.
I wrote this review which shows how great it is.

Converted to Unreal Engine 5.0 Early Access works well 60 to 80 FPS

By Jimbohalo10 on December 31, 2021 6:29 AM

Everyone else has reviews covered and focused on UE 4.26+.

I want to review the future versions. I have built from source Unreal Engine 5.0 Early Access and run it on a Solid State Drive. Many people have complained about low FPS, but this project proves that a well-written project like Action RPG will work well and so does the demo. I have built UE 5.0 EA using Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 17.1+ which is approx 20% faster code than VS 2019. I still think 60 to 80 FPS is a stunning performance for this program and all the functions work well.


Thx for sharing.

To have a more precise view of the performance on the same computer.
What fps you have runing the original project in UE4 4.26 or 4.27 ?

Also what it is your computer config ?
it is important to know because this can strongly change the average fps.

I tried this same code on my source code version and SOMETIMES gets up to 100 FPS, but this depends on where you are on the screen what the characters/actors are doing sometimes the FPS falls to 80 FPS and this can be seen in the GPU stats.

My graphics card Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 is well under spec for UE5.
CPU is AMD 6 core and 16GB memory 256GB SSD again under minimum spec for UE5