Marketplace content not downloading latest version

So the developer of one of my products has done a fix and says there is a new version on the marketplace to download
But when I download from my vault or the marketplace via the EPIC launcher I don’t get the latest version
He has provided me with screenshots which prove that he can download the latest version from his marketplace and to add further insult when I check my vault on the UE4 marketplace web page the item doesn’t show up but is showing correctly in my vault via the EPIC launcher.

I have reinstalled the EPIC launcher to try to fix but no joy.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Try clicking on arrow beside product and delete local content then re-download…

Skulldug yeah did that and no change :frowning:

Hey swhite68,

If you are still having this issue, please create a case at the site below and make sure to include exactly which product you are having issues with.


TJ V - Will do, thanks :slight_smile: