Marketplace content challenge - Baba Yaga

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Out of collaboration between concept artist Haron MH Younis and 3D artist Lola Lipsum - Cybercraft store,
a new idea was born to challenge marketplace content creation. None of us have made this before, but with few years experience in creating content for games and other industries we have decided to make environment for others too.

This is entry through the process.

The topic is Baba Yaga, a fairy tale of a ferocious old witch, known in Slavic folk culture, as the one who lived in a house on chicken leg and who captured and ate children. Our idea is to create environment for this tale, with many props for any fantasy setting to be used.


Assets set 01


The house interior sketch

Final Assets:

Preview in motion:




fairy.gif [CENTER]

Prop Set One:

***Fairies in a jar. ***These are 4 different poses of fairies, with their own translucent and flickering material, separate materials for the wings, jar and glass. Glass comes with different textures, one clear, one with fingerprints, and one dirty, and all of them customisable. Particles also included. Each fairy is 14K tris, and jar with lid around 4K.

***Color fairy and a cage. ****This is a color fairy with outline glow shader and animated. The skeleton is custom and is a typical humanoid so can easily be retargeted if needed. I also made a cage for it as well, one comes as a whole mesh, and the other with separate pieces so it can open and close. Fairy 14K tris. Two material sets, one for the body one for the wings. *

***Old book. ****And old magic book for the set. 8K tris. One set of materials. * ***Candle. ***A candle static mesh and blueprint, which comes with flickering light and a flame particle.

***Skull with candle. ***Another candle with the same blueprint (flickering light and flame particle), also availble as static mesh.

***Mushrooms in a bag. ***Mushrooms three kinds of static meshes, plus a bag. All 4 meshes separate, plus a bag filled with mushrooms as blueprint. Bag 3640 tris, with 4 LODs, with 4th 454 tris. Mushrooms around 2K tris also with 4 LODs.

***Eyeballs in a jar. ****Three coloured eyeballs, brown, blue and green filled in a square jar as blueprint actor. Jar 1120 tris, each eyeball 528 tris, eyeballs share the same material, jar is a separate material. *

***Flowers. ***Bunch of flowers. One material and 3K tris.

***Goblin. ***Character with basic rig, and idle animation to be used as prop or character (A pose included). 30K tris. 3 material sets, hair 2K textures, clothes 2K textures, and body 4K textures.

***Cages. ***One large cage for the Goblin, one small cage for the flying fairy, and one small extra with separate door and wood piece to lock, in case if you choose to have the cage door to open. Large cage is 3500 tris, small one 13K.

***Teapot. ***Teapot with separate lid and a mug. All have one material, and combined come to 3600 tris.

***Horseshoe, cutlery, vase, bottle . ***Static meshes. Beverage bottle comes with little spice bag. Cutlery is made with marble old horsehoe for luck. Bottle is around 7K tris, has unique texture with liquid baked, Fork 2K tris, Knife 784 tris, Spoon 1600 tris, all sharing one material. Horseshoe 1200 tris.

***Bread basket.***Bread that was scanned and cleaned up, coming in a bakset with a jar of black olives. Each is a separate mesh with its own
4K texture set, the basket combined as one blueprint and can be easily optimised. Basket with cloth is 30K, breads between 700 to 2K tris each, and olive jar is 13K tris.

***Mortar. ***Mortar with garlic flowers and herbs. Two material sets, one for mortar one for leaves, total of 4.5K tris.

Link to a product:…e-props-bundle
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***And here comes the part 2 - this time the whole enviro


House Sketch:

[RIGHT]Concept: Haron MH Younis ArtStation - Haron M. H. Younis[/RIGHT]