Marketplace content after Unreal Engine 5 is released


I was wondering what will happen to the marketplace content I have obtained after UE5 release? Will I be able to use it in UE5 or it will remain only for UE4?
Or it depends on who made the content to convert it to UE5?


UE5 is mostly going to be basically a rebranding of 4.x (like 4.30 or whatever). . It will have some major new features, like maybe 2 UE upgrades work of changes, but it will still be the same Unreal Engine under the hood.

All the code, plugin, marketplace, and everything else will still be the same, at least no more breaking changes than any other UE upgrade.

So similar to any other upgrade, marketplace folks will have to update to formally support, but I highly doubt any major disruptions or changes.

Wait and see as there’s no way to know 100%. The marketing blurb from Epic claimed there would be no changes, but clearly there will be. Plus, many devs quit the marketplace recently (even after the improved marketplace split). So anything said on here is just assumptions unless there’s an Epic badge to back it up. I suggest you write to the marketplace team by email and ask them directly… :wink: