Marketplace compile issues "previous declaration is here"

I am trying to push the latest version of one of my plugins to the marketplace and have been running into a slew of errors that only occur on Epic Games’ compilation side of things. When I compile on my end I do not get any errors, so I fix an issue, upload, and two to seven hours later I get a message saying another issue arose.
Does anyone know of a way to tune my setup to match theirs so I don’t have to go back and forth?
Also, I am completely flummoxed by the latest error I got and was wondering if anyone had any advice.

The Setup: A 4.26 and 4.27 blank C++ project compiling in visual studio 2019 that was installed using the link in the epic launcher

The latest error has something to do with an Enum declaration:

LocalBuilds/PluginTemp/HostProject/Plugins/OVFPPlugin/Source/OVFPRuntime/Public/OVFPRTSettings.h(52,2): note: previous declaration is here

In my code, I only define the enum once in this section:

enum InteractionType
Standard UMETA(DisplayName = “Standard (Inert objects cannot be grabbed)”),
None UMETA(DisplayName = “No Interaction”),
All UMETA(DisplayName = “All (Anything can be grabbed)”),


I figured out the issue. It has to do with using the words None and All in my enum definition without quotes. I added a prefix to each of them, so it is not InteractionNone and InteractionAll