Marketplace C++ Plugin work in progress BlueMan_VehicleAI

Feature Status:
**- Advanced Vehicle Pathfinding: **Done
**- Racing AI: **Done
**- DeathMatch AI: **Done

Bonus Modules:

  • Roll over Module: Detects if the vehicle is upside down and if it is it will set it back on its wheels.

**Trello Board

You can now vote on my Trello board so if you find a feature that you would like to get just vote for it.
I also added a card which I made specifically for other to leave ideas in the comments, it is called User ideas so if you have any ideas leave a comment.

**Released: **

My Vehicle AI module supports Multiplayer

**Tutorial Playlist:

Hi :slight_smile:
I am working on the vehicle AI for my game, I decided to sell it because I see that a lot of people have problems creating vehicle AI. It is originally made in Blueprint but it is very performance heavy so I decided to rewrite it in C++.
With C++ version there is almost no performance loss. :slight_smile:
It currently supports 2 types of AI: DeathMatch and Race.
DeathMatch mode is successfully converted to C++ but for the Racing mode I need some time because it is a lot more complex than DeathMatch mode.

It works with Blueprints.
When you buy the Plugin you will get 2 Actor components. All you need to do is to attach my C++ actor component to your vehicle and set a few parameters.

And also you need to place this things around the map.

I have some videos to show.
Advanced Pathfinding (Written in C++ Work in progress)

Race mode (Redone in C++ )
It is a lot better since I made this video.

DeathMatch ( Converted to C++ )

I am not sure how much should this Plugin cost so I am asking you guys what would be a fair price.

Vehicles in this video are not included :slight_smile:
Let me know if you have any ideas or questions :slight_smile:

Have a good day :slight_smile: