Marketplace bought/downloaded licenses?


It does seem that this is for non-commercial use only. But this only becomes clear after manually browsing to the creators site stating “Please note – All Free Materials are subject to our Non-commercial Hobbyist License.”. I always assumed that anything offered on the UE4 Marketplace came with a single user commercial license for unlimited UE4 projects. I’m unsure if their site statements/licenses apply to the marketplace content though.

Does this mean that I must contact EVERY seller on the marketplace before buying asking for the license details? This I find odd and hard to believe. This is probably just a misunderstanding and that asset allows commercial use and overrules what their site states, right?

Can someone clarify this please with evidence or perhaps a EULA somewhere? I could not find this info in the general EULA but perhaps the marketplace has it’s own EULA somewhere? I rather ask a dumb question here than to run into license-problems later.

Sorry I was not sure in what section to start this thread.

I found an official answer:

So yes it’s commercial use. I suppose that the Epic EULA overrules the EULA/licenses/terms/whatever the creators try to put onto them.


While materials itself may be the same, they are different products. If you purchase them from UE4 marketplace you will acquire a license to use them commercially(For final projects like games, but not for reselling “raw” assets), however downloading them from GameTextures website will get you a non-commercial license which does not allow commercial use.