Marketplace assets & pirating, EDUCATE the community.

I am starting to see things left & right that are really bugging me, people are CONFUSED as to whether or not they are allowed to share marketplace content. Even on my own YouTube videos, I have people offering to give me marketplace packs via PM so that I can make a tutorial for it, or whatever else:
Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:


I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if some of these comments on my channel have led to the exchange of marketplace assets. It would be nice if there was a very clear message when purchasing marketplace assets letting people know that they CANNOT freely share marketplace assets.

It is clear in the FAQ and the license of the items … if you see any of these events … send an email to and their legal team with deal with the situation.

Unfortunately piracy is something that happens and although Epic takes it very seriously, there is no silver bullet. The only way to stamp it out as much as possible is two simple things:

  1. Don’t stand by and think it is someone else’s problem … report it.
  2. Piracy is tantamount to theft and although people think there is nothing wrong with it … they are literally stealing from the content creators … imagine someone coming in to your home and stealing all your money and food.

Don’t do piracy, report piracy, educate about piracy.

Honestly, i don’t think you can educate community at all, they willing to spend days in a basic programming stuff(let say communication between bp) instead of google and watch dozen of videos on topic and even if they watch the video, they literally can’t reproduce it step by step or dont understand programming concepts in those. People just dont want or dont know how to educate himself, instead of learning the engine they jump right into and after few days of failing basic stuff come up on forums, not with just a question, but with whole game design features, asking someone to show them magic button “make the game”, instead of learning from tutorials AND read any oop book for few hours.

Yep, kids these days…