Marketplace assets not working with Ue5

When trying to move assets from the vault in to my Ue5 projekt it says “No compatible user projekts found”. Are Ue4 assets incompatible with Ue5 engine?

UE5 isn’t released so the marketplace wont support it until it is, if you want UE4 assets add them to a UE4 project then move the folders to your UE5 project…

have you tried ticking “show all projects” in the dialogue?

I’m having a related issue where my projects don’t show in the “my projects” tab in the launcher or the “recent projects” tab in the project browser. so my projects don’t even show up as an option in the import dialogue.

#1 - Navigate to
C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher\Saved\Config\Windows directory

#2 - Open

#3 - and add lines to the end like the following: (so under [Launcher]

This should add all UE5 projects to the list (might need to restart the launcher) if they still don’t show after this be sure to check the “Show all projects” checkbox

Add to Project → Check “Show All Projects” → Asset version should be highest (e.g. 4.26)

Create a ue4 project, download assets there. Open ue4 then migrate your content to ue5 project. Ue5 will find them and update.

Imo it’s the epic app that’s the issue, not the content itself.

Agreed. Sure, we should get a warning if the content isn’t tested/approved/etc for the engine version we want to use, but it should let us try. Keep the red warning text telling me it’s for an older version and let me install it!

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