[MARKETPLACE] Assets & Meshes

Hello UE community ^.^

I’m a first year game-dev student and I want to create asset packs and sell them on the market place.
I was wondering if there is an interest in low-poly - mid-poly assets.

The content will be :

  • Quantity 25 - 50 props
  • Quality low/mid -poly
  • Price between €5 - €15

so far i’m planning to do an asset pack about :

  • Farm’s
  • Hangars
  • small / big house household appliances
  • (any other idea’s are welcome ^^)

Please let me know you’re interested ! ^.^

(in the pictures, you will see the average quality of the props, these props/house was one of my first 3D models)

Humm not really. There are plenty of low poly options as far as ready made goes so I’m more interested in hero based map objects. Granted there will always be a need for low poly options but does the world really need yet another box or oil drum?

What I would be interested in is high detail objects, like machinery, with lod options.

allright! ^.^
and I wasn’t really going to make those box / oil drum type of props. more like a full sized (for example) a hangar with everything it it, ( like a plane, maintenance machines, etc)
but ty for the response, will work on that too then ^^

Low-Mid poly … Hangers… ???

If you’re going to go to the trouble, why not look at what’s on offer on the marketplace…
Those things are there already. Instead of props why not offer modular-packs for buildings.
Make them so that they can cross different genres and eras by customizing materials etc.
Just a suggestion as what I need are ultra-futuristic space-stations but that’s very specific. :slight_smile: