Marketplace assets claiming rigged or fully compatible with Epic skeleton

Why do you allow marketplace assets to advertise compatibilty with Epic skeleton ? When they have extra bones? I just bought some more assets that say they are rigged to or fully compatible with Epic skeleton and they are not . One i just bought claims its fully compatible with Epic skeleton and has no less than 40 extra bones. Gets tiring spending money on assets that are not what they say. Don’t you have some kind of check system to screen these assets ?

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You can ask for a refund in such cases.

While we do expect content to be properly rigged to the Epic Skeleton, it’s possible that there are extra bones (if the creator has included facial bones, for example). When a product includes extra bones, it shouldn’t cause problems for the buyer, and it should still function as listed by the seller. If you’re struggling to get it to work properly in your project, we always encourage customers to contact the sellers through their support channel to try and get help.

Can you please create a support ticket and give us more details about the product in question and what you’ve experienced in trying to use it in your project? We’re happy to review it and see if there are any functional problems, if the description by the seller needs to be revised for clarity, or if there was an error made during the review process.


Well, all the Synty low-poly characters on the marketplace are not properly rigged to the Epic Skeleton, and users have been complaining about it for years now. So it seems to me this is rather optional when it comes to accepting assets for the marketplace?

I think you should make a rule that characters on the marketplace have to be properly rigged for the Epic skeleton, it’s quite unacceptable that sellers just port their Unity assets without properly editing them for Unreal Engine - and then demanding the buyers to “fix”.

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