Marketplace assets and folder location


I have a question regarding folder structure. Lets say I have bought XYZ asset from Marketplace. Now it will by in Content -> XYZ folder. After I but 15 assets I will have all in Content folder. I do have my own folder structure in the Content folder and adding them straight to Content folder will mess everything. Is is possible to make a folder called Marketplace and move all the downloaded assets to that folder?
What about updating the assets? Sometimes some assets have updateds and will be UE so smart to find the particular asset to update if I will move them to a subfolder?


Hey Lucas!

You can manually move the folder into another directory within the content folder, however there doesn’t appear to be an option to do this automatically when adding content to projects. I don’t know whether or not UE4 will update it in the proper directory, though I’m leaning towards no since it’s set to place the files in the content folder.

Hey JonF

Thanks for the reply. It’s mpt a problem to move them manually but the question is - won’t this mess up any updates when they come out for the specific Asset? Lets say I have bougth some models and there are in a folder called XYZ_Mega_Rocks. I will send the to this structure Content/Marketplace/XYZ_Mega_Rocks. It will be nice and clean but after 2-3 months there will be an updated for that pack. What will UE do ? Will it be so smart to search only for the folder called “XYZ_Mega_Rocks” or it will not find it and this will mess up any further updateds ?

I suggested to the mp team at least a year ago that it would be smart of all mp packs start in /marketplace/ but they never considered it :frowning: