Marketplace and launcher are broken...

I updated to 4.4.1. Now, I get the message “No Version Information Received” when I open the UnrealEngine launcher, and when I try to download the new free assets from the marketplace It’s just gets stuck at “syncing” and nothing happens.

You are not the only one, I am sure it’s worked on.

Good to know. On another level of feedback, why doesn’t UE4 default new projects to the hard drive it’s installed on rather than documents? I don’t want to fill up my ssd with project files.

Same “No Version Information Received” problem here.

After marketplace opening my ue launcher crash every time.

I too have the problem with “No Version Information Received” but it doesn’t affect anything anyhow.

EDIT: Ok, I also get the “syncing” text and can’t download anything.

For me it affects when trying to install an old version of engine it shows subscribe.
Also verify button of engine does not seems to work.
I click the button it opens a webpage that tolds me I have already subscribed and active plan.

I have a fresh install and this error is preventing me from even downloading anything.

Now it’s downloading. Thanks, guys!

Hi everyone,

Could you please check to see if this is still happening? We had a Launcher issue yesterday that seems to have resolved for most people now.


Hey TJ,
It was fixed for me later that evening. I am assuming the same happened to everyone else.

Thanks for the Reply.

Hi everyone,

The Launcher issue from Sunday 9/7 has been resolved. We are currently looking into the cause so we can make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

If you’re experiencing a similar Launcher issue, please refer to the link below and post a new AnswerHub question.