[Marketplace] Allow play testing marketplace content right in the browser

Since you’re still working on the public Marketplace, this is more a suggestion, rather than feedback.

I just thought it would be cool, if you could play test some of the things that will be offered on the marketplace right in the browser. Since you now have HTML5 support, this should be doable, right? Of course that doesn’t make sense for all types of content, like editor plugins or huge content examples. But for simpler assets, like fully textured, animated and scripted Blueprints it would be quite nice. You could allow the uploader to upload a simple map that can be used to try the asset.

Also, I hope there will be a standalone website that can be accessed with my web browser, like Steam for instance :slight_smile:

Offering html5 demos of plugins/content is something that people were doing for years. If the creator of the content wants to have that he can just make a html5 demo and put the link in the description. No reason for epic to be doing anything specialized for it.

As an example here is something from the Unity Asset Store and on the bottom of the description is a “Try it now!” button Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

I’d rather have Epic host these stuff, to avoid dead links or overloaded “private” websites.

I meant exactly what Unity does in its store. You can just select any file in the package and get an instant preview of it. Once you have that, what’s stopping you from being able to preview a fully scripted blueprint?

Is good idea, I agree.

I like to see the Content Examples maps in my tablet.

Problem is WebGL has only mobile capatibilities it wont able to run desktop demos

Ah I see. Well, you could still display 3D models properly, even if they are rendered in mobile quality. But yes, that could be a little bit problematic.

And use to demo mobile stuff too :slight_smile: Forgot to say WebGL is based of OpenGL ES specs that why i mean by mobile capatibilities