Marketplace "Advertising" on the Wiki


While I highly appreciate developers/authors/wizards having thorough documentation, I have to ask a moral (ethical?) question:

Is adding documentation for a PRODUCT on the wiki cool? I’d like to have marketing nowhere near an open knowledge-base, personally. And again in my opinion, documentation for products sold is a form of marketing. See, I came across a page in the tutorial section a while back, only to find I had to purchase the “thing” to follow along. It really felt like a trap. I suggest a “rule” on the wiki: to only have open and freely accessible content referenced, as it pertains to tutorials and such. Perhaps add a section specific to Marketplace content tutorials? I’m not trying to gripe, more trying to clean what feels like a rough edge as well as an open path for people to abuse our lovely wiki (aside from your normal bots and spammers).

Documentation for products sold should be provided with said product, kept to the support/release thread for that product, and if the producer of that product is so inclined, perhaps post to a dedicated section on the wiki for product documentation. Having those product tutorials mixed in with “normal” tutorials isn’t such a big deal now… But I see it becoming a pain eventually. Now I’m not against Marketplace content at all (I’ve spent in the triple digit dollar range on stuff myself); I just hate spam, misdirection tactics for sales, etc…

Anyone else have an opinion on this?

I don’t really see that as advertising. If someone has a product that requires documentation, why not post it on a wiki where most users find their information? Not every developer on the marketplace has their own website to host it on their own.

I can see where you don’t like it, but unless there is some literal advertising going on through it, I don’t see too much of an issue. @SE_JonF has a point, most users come here looking for their support anyway.