Marketplace 2.0.0 Release Notes 2/26/19

Hi everyone,
We’ve made some updates to the Marketplace this morning. It is currently live on the web and will be live on the launcher shortly. If you run into any issues, please contact us. The next major update will be an overhaul on our Comments and Ratings system.



  • Bug Fix: ‘Featured’ section images have been adjusted to not have their edges cropped
  • Improvement: ‘Featured’ section shows 3 less products to fit more above the fold
  • New: Added ‘Special Discounts’ section to highlight products on sale
  • Improvement: ‘New Content’ section renamed to ‘New Releases’ and changed to show a random selection of 15 new releases
  • New: Added ‘View All’ links to each section
  • Removed: Removed horizontal page lines
  • Removed: Removed Categories links section
  • Removed: Removed infinite scrolling from the New Content and Categories list section

Marketplace Navigation Bar

  • New: Added a ‘Featured’ button to the navigation bar, which leads to a list of all featured products
  • Improvement: ‘All Products’ button renamed to ‘Browse’ and changed to have alphabetical sorting of categories in its dropdown menu
  • New: Added a dropdown menu to the ‘Free’ button, with the options ‘Epic Games Content’, ‘Free for the Month’, and ‘Permanently Free Collection’

Search Results page

  • New: Number of search results is now displayed
  • New: Added ‘Relevancy’ to the ‘Sort By’ options, which is the default sorting for keyword queries
  • Improvement: Moved ‘Sort By’ dropdown for improved usability
  • Improvement: Moved Filter UI to persistent side panel
  • Improvement: Sort and filtering options are now instantly applied to search results, without reloading the page
  • Improvement: Search results page header displays keyword query

Product Details page

  • Improvement: Made the following changes for legibility:

  • Format of release date has been changed (e.g. “2018-10-25” becomes “Oct 25, 2018”)

  • Spacing in Supported Engine Versions list has been added (e.g. “4.4-4.11,4.15-4.17” becomes “4.4 - 4.11, 4.15 - 4.17”)

  • Line spacing in Description and Technical Details section has been reduced

  • Comments section styling has been changed

  • New: Comments made by the Publisher who created the product will display their name in bold

Other Improvements

  • Improvement: ‘Free’ page has been changed to a paginated search results page, instead of an infinite scrolling page organized by categories alphabetically
  • Improvement: Shopping cart contents are now consistent between web and Epic Games Launcher
  • Improvement: Migrated Marketplace website framework to newer technology stack for improved performance and scalability

Known Issues

  • Entering input into the ‘Tag Search’ field of the filter options shows too many tags in the auto-suggest dropdown menu
  • Entering input into the Max Price ‘Range’ field of the filter options executes the intended query but doesn’t display the current value in the ‘Range’ field until the page is refreshed
  • The Windows 32-bit icon is not displayed in the ‘Supported Target Platforms’ list of the product details page of a product that supports Windows 32-bit
  • Vault pagination doesn’t show the correct amount of products on some pages
  • Site is not optimized for portrait orientation on mobile devices (landscape view recommended at this time)

Thank you for improvements.
Seeing you guys working on it brings confidence.

Some great new and much needed additions to the marketplace :slight_smile:
Good job you all!

Query, could we get better control when selecting if a package has mobile support?
Grouping mobiles that handle es2 and higher is rather awkward, especially with current gen smartphones can handle sm4+
And additionally a separate “Nintendo Switch” tag.

I have asked about this before, and (for me at least) a rather important thing to have.

Edit: while taking a good look at the new comments section, I feel there needs to be some better distinguish between each comment.
Some small contrast between each comment would make a world of difference :slight_smile:

Yesss, an update, thanks!

It is nice but there is one issue. I tried refreshing 10 times, one of the assets that was released yesterday only showed up on 8th refresh, however I got few same assets 4-5 times during 10 refreshes. That is why I think New Releases must be sorted by release date in homepage, maybe even show all of them in homepage scroll loaded as before, you don’t use rest of the page anyways.

Very nice! Feels snappier, looks nicer!

Something else I would really like to see is some more metadata of the package I am thinking of purchasing!
Things like “total filesize”, “Project/Plugin/Add-to-Project”, number of files.

To take it to the next level, it’d be fantastic to use a HTML compiled UE4 to preview 3dModels and levels right in the browser (but let me see the filesize first!)

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Nice features, but the dark mode needs A LOT of cosmetic improvements on the launcher.

Great features. Thank you! :slight_smile: It would be nice also to add more advanced sales reporting :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to future improvements as well. Kind regards.

This was a pleasant surprise when I booted up the Marketplae today :smiley:

Though there are few items missing from the “Free -> Epic Games Content” category, for example: A Boy and His Kite and Particle Effects.
I found this because a friend asked me for a cloud particle and I couldn’t find those two projects in the previously mentioned tab.

Anyways, good job and keep it up! :smiley:

Great Work,

However sorting price high to low, or low to high doesn’t work properly.
also discount high to low doesn’t work.

I completely agree. This change for new projects does not look very correct.

Thanks for the update, great job!

I agree. I usually check new releases from time to time and now it’s easy to miss some of new items, if it’s not sorted by release date.
… Maybe another section just before the New Releases, something like Latest Releases? So Latest Releases with date-sorted items and New Releases with randomized list…?

This update just cleared all my shopping cart items I had saved… :mad:

I second that, i check daily for new releases. Would really like a way to see what was released chronologically.

thank MP team,
I will soon adapt new version ,

These are ‘sample projects’ and treated differently than Marketplace content. Sample projects can be found under the Unreal Engine > Learn tab on the Epic launcher.

WOW Marketplace is now UGLY …Really!!! Yellow numbers on a white background (FUGLY)… Also whats with the highlight around peeps text, aesthetically this has gone backwards… Any way could we have a wish list feature might be nice to be able to add things to it to purchase at latter date! I buy some things from time to time and i have to then empty other items from the basket that i wont buy this time around. Also sort the colors out! whats next black text on a very dark gray or maybe Bright red and Bright Blue just to jar your eyes even more so than yellow on white?

@thedavross We’re working to address the visual issues in the launcher in the next hotfix. We also plan to add a wishlist later this year.

Thanks for your feedback,

Wishlist when?

@Unreal_Josh Hey, I wanted to bring this up once more because I’ve got my asset approved but waiting for any news on New Releases being changed back to chronological order on front page before publishing. It is apparently going to hurt sales because some (or even most) people visiting marketplace are not aware of that section being randomized and won’t visit the actual category with correct order. And it is known that sales happen in bulk in first few weeks, most likely due to high visibility of being on front page. Unless every person entering marketplace visits New Releases category, we are losing potential customers by not having the asset on front page due to some randomization algorithm.

In this thread there are 4 people saying the New Releases section needs to change making this the most agreed upon issue post-update. You guys have answered relatively lower important questions but have ignored this one. When or are you ever going to change the New Releases on front page to chronological order?