Marketing through Gray Media


My name is Max McPherson. I am a 3D generalist and hobby game designer. I got a job at Gray Media Marketing and had to step away from game design for a bit. However, I really want to still be a helpful tool to the Independent Game Development Community. As it stands right now. You should be putting in close to 10% minimum in Marketing. For any business. However, for games it’s upwards to 25 - 50% of your budget should be allocated to marketing. I have the connections to get your gameplay/teaser/Kickstarter trailers onto a broadcasting station that controls close to 65% of the American broadcasting. I can get your marketing in front of livestreaming services and reach your targeted audience and there are many options for digital marketing as well.

Send me an email with your game website and your personal contact information and lets see what Gray Media can do to turn your small Independent Studio into a nationally known brand.

Unfortunately, this is only for the United States Market. I have no control over International Marketing.
or give me a call (906) 235 8042