Market research

Would interresse the public to buy products at this level ?
I’m already preparing Smart Displacement in some files because in the future I think that might be an additional requirement.
I am new to the area of ​​GameEngines and products are being developed slowly because work alone.
All files have several LoD with high quality materials.
LZero.jpgTexture 1.jpgTexture 1-1.jpg

They are adaptable to all seasons of the year including Snow. Users only need to choose the materials that I have developed and apply them both in the leaves and in the trunks / branches.
The materials of trunks / branches may be tiled in any value that never will fail. And you can apply any other Seamless material.
TurboSmooth can be applied on the trunk / branches without any concern.
Texture 1-2.jpgTexture 1-5.jpgTexture 1-6.jpg

Materials: 2048 X Random.

Normal Map
Ambient Occlusion
Height Map - Displacment
Masks RGB and Black / White

I have another question, in the trunks of palm trees and Coconuts materials are (2048 x random) and can only be tiled horizontally, limiting definition. That would be bad?
I would like to receive suggestions.