Market Purchase down?

Is market working? it wont let me Purchase something from it. It says “We could not confirm your purchase at this time. Please try again later.”

Hey Shadowjonny, are you still experiencing problems or has it resolved itself? If not, message Stephanie and she should be able to assist you. =)

i have the same problem… :frowning:

Hey Kruintil11, sorry to hear that. Have you gotten in touch with Stephanie to notify her of the issue you’re facing? She should be able to help sort it out. =)

I also get this problem

Hey GlitchKing, check out this thread for more information on this issue.

Are we sure this is the same issue, Epic seemed confident they had fixed this.

You’re right this seems to be a different issue. At any rate that thread still has pertinent information on how to report it. =)

Yesterday I was able to purchase content on the marketplace through my web browser but not through the Epic Games UE4 client. Whenever I tried through the client it prompted me to login again with no visible error messages.

I’ll forward the above to the email account that Epic provided in the other thread.

I can’t even view marketplace content. It asks me to login (I’m already logged in) and it just freezes.