Market place updates missing

One of the things I have bought on the UE market place stated there was a new update in the market place. I didn’t see the update though. So, I asked in his forum how I would see the update. Another user posted this pic.


I dont see the orange ! on any purchase I have made. Another use said " Its a common bug - turn off the launcher completely. find its tray icon - right click and exit. then run it again and you will see update."

That didn’t work. I uninstalled Epic launcher, and reinstalled, still no orange !.

Unreal guys? Any ideas?


Could it be it already updated?

better yet, are you trying to update the base stuff, or something that was already added to a project?

I don’t get any “update” exclamation marks for marketplace content that isn’t installed (and it’s been broken by upgrading engine version on the project before).

nope. the DA author said a new version was available and I have not ever downloaded it. I have downloaded other things but, deleted the projects they were downloaded to. DO I have to have downloaded the content into a project to get the Orange ! ?

I believe so.
but in general, the marketplace content you own isn’t downloaded unless you install it.
Which is only normal, consider someone who owns 500 packs, the cumulative size would easily exceed most common hard drive sizes.

Anyway, install the addon into a project, it should automatically pull the latest version.

I appre. the response. I am worried about updates to content I have purchased, after it has been installed in a project also.