Market place sales start and end date

Hi Epic, is it possible you could start to add the START and END date for the summer sale!!!? I think this would really help people know when to purchase their assets as apposed to guessing when it may start or end, it is common to see sale ends in many high street stores and online stores why is this never considered at epic? It could even be a count down timer. Any way really hope you consider this in future sales because if you miss the sale you have to wait another year!

Cheers D.

Any member has become an email at the whole beginning day with the information that the summersale ends on 01.08.
In most countries there is end to the new monthly salary, so think of the 01.08 so that even those still make a purchase, which used up their budget of the previous month.
But an counter can help for those in this situation, for sure all a little secret.

I’m fairly certain the end date and time were included in the blog post.

I Usually use the launcher and would like this End date in the launcher market place which i would imagine to be easy enough for epic

Yeah, whilst the information was fairly easy to come by - it honestly just makes sense to include it on the marketplace as well.